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LA Lash Academy is a family owned and operated business with a real dynamic team and vision which is why we believe that quality is THE best business plan! We sign every check and every reciept ourselves. We are completely dedicated to giving all of our students the best customer service possible which means we are always there for you! Never hesitate to contact us with career questions/concerns, any issues with products, and/or follow-up training questions! We are here to insure your success in your career as an eyelash extension artist!

Our Mission

To provide the absolute best knowledge and technique for all of our students. Our goal is not only to educate you to become an Eyelash Extension Technician, but also to continue that training, helping you move forward in your journey as a successful LA Lash Academy Artist!

We believe that our smaller, more intimate classes are the most efficient way to learn the skills hands-on, and also have one-on-one time with the instructor in a calm, positive environment. We enjoy training people on their way to being an incredible Eyelash Extension Technician with only the best technique’s available! We see eyelash extension artistry as a true art form and our courses encompass techniques developed and perfected by professionals with over 10 years in the industry. Our approach is direct and practical.

The Instructor

All our classes are taught by GOTLASH's Founder Zaira Bueno. Zaira is a native to Brazil and has always been in the creative arts field. She spent many years in Brazil as an actress and studied theatre. She moved to America in 1995 and became a master at eyelash extensions.

Zaira has been practicing as an Esthetician and Eyelash Extension Technician for over 10 years. She is a certified NovaLash artist. With a strong artistic background Zaira has taken her time to develop the best skills in the field. She has been training Eyelash Extension Technicians for over 7 years. She has accumulated experience in what works and what does NOT work from careful observation and fixing mistakes from other Eyelash Extension Technicians in the fairly new beauty-enhancing artistry, as well as becoming an expert at knowing which look would best fit a clients eye shape. In her experience she has learned to apply every individual eyelash extension customized to naturally match her client's eyelashes, while safely, gently, and technically creating a beautiful flow of eyelashes.

The technique Zaira has cultivated will actually improve the health of your clients natural lashes, and it can also be used with lash serums such as Latisse. Zaira has an abundance of knowledge and experience in this field. She has been named the city of Santa Monica’s best Estetichian. She started working at salons and expanded to having her very own practice. Zaira has built a loyal following as well as celebrity clientele in Los Angeles and surrounding areas due to her amazing skills.

Zaira enjoys helping others to succeed in this field and gives her all to provide her students with the skills she has gained through her own experience. Her passionate and creative nature gives her students the drive to succeed and learn. She wants all her students to endure the success that she has and takes pride in training them with the best success rates!

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